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Seamless Shifting: Expert Clutch Replacement for Cars & Light Commercial

At Waiuku Automotive Services, we specialise in clutch systems, an integral part of manual transmissions. While automatic transmissions have become more common, we continue to offer comprehensive clutch services for our stick shift drivers. Our expertise covers most main car and light commercial systems. If you require a new replacement clutch, we have the capability to surface grind your flywheel in-house for a quick turnaround and convenience.

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Service Subsets

Clutch Inspection

Thorough examination to identify clutch system issues.

Clutch Repairs

Expert repairs to ensure smooth shifting.

Clutch Replacement

If needed, we provide high-quality replacement clutches and surface grind flywheels for optimal performance.

Key Benefits

Smooth Shifting

Our clutch services ensure seamless gear changes, whether you have a manual or a hydraulic clutch system.

Efficient Repairs

We quickly diagnose and repair clutch system issues, minimizing downtime and inconvenience.

In-House Flywheel Service

Our in-house surface grinding of flywheels ensures a quick turnaround and convenience when replacing clutches.

You Can Count On Us!

At Waiuku Automotive Services, we're your reliable partner for all your automotive needs.

Doug Macredie

Very pleased with full service + free WOF. My old Honda Accord (2007) is driving like brand new. Also brake judder I have put up with for a few years now totally rectified. Thanks Waiuku Automotive for a good job well done.

Chris Carlile

Great guys, work completed to the best standard, advised me of additional work needed before they done the work. Very happy, car drives like a new one.


How do I know if my clutch needs servicing or repairs?

Signs of clutch issues include difficulty shifting gears, strange noises, or a slipping clutch. We can diagnose and address these problems.

What is involved in clutch replacement?

First we must determine if the clutch is requiring replacement, then we source a suitable option for you that fits your budget and driving style. Then a full removal of the gearbox is required to install the new clutch (and also check other components for wear).

How quickly can you replace a clutch and perform flywheel service?

Turnaround on clutch replacement varies from same day through to several working days for more complex drivetrains (4X4 / SUV’s etc).

Can you adjust clutches?

Yes, we can adjust your clutch in some vehicles to make the engagement smoother as well as improve the driveability depending on how you drive every day.

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